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We are looking for Police complaints that have been not-upheld and sent to the IPOC and again not-upheld by the IOPC.

We must stress that NOT all complaints can be expected to be upheld, but if you feel your complaint was totally covered up and can show some evidence of this, please send us the initial complaint to police, their response and the IOPC responses.

Feel free to redact as you see fit.  Remember, too much redaction will make it difficult to follow.

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Remember, redact what you do not want published.  We will not publish anything without first sending you a preview of the article to review.  You must have a valid email to receive the preview link as it cannot be published without your acceptance.  If  you want to discus prior to emailing any personal info, just email us.  We aim to check email and respond within 7 days or sooner.



  1. I discovered your site via I contacted them but, like almost everyone, they have never even bothered to reply.

    My story started in a small way, but snowballed into a huge web of serious corruption from the lowest to the very highest officials in control of the so-called ‘criminal justice system’ . The criminal gang known as ‘IPCC’ are just part of this. The total cover-up of the story has become a story in itself and just and important as the original given that it has been ignored by, among many others, international organisations which claim to fight corruption and support justice and human rights.

    Fed up with being ignored and insulted, I no longer send out an account of my story in the hope of a response but instead invite those who may be interested to request it, along with documentary proof if they wish to see this. No person or organisation I have contacted will so much as tell even one other person about the story, it remains unreported and unknown to the public. Will ask to see the story? I can provide documentary proof of most of the crimes committed and can draw up an account focused on the IPCC on request.

    (Note 5th June 2018- your Contact Us webform is not working – seems to indicate invalid e-mail address)

  2. Please will you send me your email address as I need to contact you urgently! I wrote you with an hour long compiled email a few moments ago and did not send?! I have been involved in precisely your objectives for the past 20 years as a retired Advocate a former Police Officer and am now a set FREE Mason by and through the REDEEMING LOVE of YAHSHUA MESSIAH my LORD! I currently have very serious crime complaints against a DCI Martin of Durham Police and the I.O.P.C. for MIsconduct in Public Office” Also am working with ex Met P.C. John Wedger! PLease will you send me your email address to me at ASAP Thank you

  3. PLease contact John Wedger at his email address today if possible for the purpose of bringing us together and establish a legal rock based foundation we pray! John Harker

  4. I was arrested, in June 2013, on a charge of harassment following false allegations made by a neighbour. I gave the police evidence that it was the neighbour who had been harassing my mother for nearly ten years, and then myself after I was compelled to move back to the family house to care for her. I was amazed when the case was sent to court. I employed a solicitor, (Pardoes of Bridgwater), who were completely incompetent! Just before my case, they sent me a letter stating that the prosecution had obtained some sort of injunction to top me telling the court about their harassment due to the incidents being ‘out of time’. I have been fighting this case ever since and discovered that their allegations go back to 2009, while their harassment, (blasting their car horns as they drove up the side of our property), only stopped when I installed CCTV to put a stop to the continuous intimidation. In addition, I gave the police a letter dated April 2009, from the Environmental Officer at the North Somerset Council, confirming my complaint about them harassing my elderly mother. The allegations were that the ‘horn blowing’ was in 2003/4 ear to their house, and I had complained that it was annoying the neighbours, so they kindly asked the relatives to stop sounding their horns. In 2003/4, I was living three miles away and didn’t know my mother’s neighbours. The horn ‘blasting’, was following the removal of three large birch trees which they had planted to damage my mothers property, from 2006 to 2011. I gave PC Wakefield, the Surveyors report. In addition, he was told by other neighbours in 2013, that the horn ‘blasting’ suddenly stopped 2/3 years ago, i.e. 2011, yet he chose to ignore my evidence and chose to conspire with their lies to get me convicted.
    Following the collapse of the Liam Allen rape case in late 2017, due to Non-Disclosure of evidence by the police, I wrote to the police and CPS to enquire what evidence had been disclosed to the prosecution. The police refused to cooperate, which wasn’t surprising, but when I returned to my Uk house in March, this year, (I live in Spain during the winter), there was a letter from the CPS, confirming that none of my evidence which I gave to the police was disclosed to the prosecution. I have made numerous complaints to the police and IOPC, but the police refuse to take any action, and when it was sent to the IOPC, they also refused to investigate my complaints even though the Non-Disclosure denied me the right to a Fair trial.

  5. I am Transgendered and get abuse from Met BUT IOPC never uphold my complaints staff at call centre very rude I didn’t no Ex police work there not very independent then that’s why my complaints get ignored then lol

  6. Your website seems to be asking people to submit their stories, but none appear published on the site.

    What exactly is happening to stories/accounts that people submit? This is highly senstive information that you are inviting people to submit to you.

    Who are you and what exactly are you doing with this information? This does not seem in any way legit.

    • Hi Mark, the website is being developed. We enter into discussion with people wanting stories published BEFORE anything is sent to us. We are in discussion with a few people but we must have completed complaints that clearly fail the police complaints system.

  7. I dealt with the IPCC in 2013 and the WYP lied and covered up information on the computer and in 2016 they let it slip but the IOPC are now just colluding with them it seems as WYP are racist against me and have not even questioned me on arrest to stop me putting my side of the story to the CPS.

  8. We made a complaint to complaints department for Cumbria police in relation to a offence where the police had waited for me to leave my home and then threaten to go through my door looking for my partner for a shoplifting my eldest daughter let them in and they went into my sons bedroom searching for my partner where they found him hiding down the side of the bed he got up and was repeatedly beaten with a battan and pepper sprayed his face pushed against my autistics sons face my partner had cuts bumps to his head his knee cap out of place him and my son was arrested my partner having his legs strapped together and dragged down the 3 flights of stairs my youngest daughter watching and very scared but in the bedroom when he was peppersprayed he couldn’t see and kicking out as his eyes were hurting he was charged with 2 police assaults his complaint against pc Edwards was not upheld and he had to pay this officer compensation this officer has now been sacked due to sexual nature then the next complaint was against myself where Cumbria County Court awarded Cumbria police a interim order of anti social behaviour to Cumbria police against my partner stating he was not allowed to come within 30 metres of any known property I reside at that was on 6th Jan he was on prison and got released on the 10th Jan he was made homeless so only place was back to our home the police waited outside my home and on the 10th Jan he was arrested for breach and theft he was given a suspended sentence for 6 months for breaking the order and while at station doin his interview he was released on bail bail conditions not to Contact me but strange then on Monday 13th Jan at 8am in the morning I was woken to my daughter stating police saying coming through the door so I went down opened the door and the police officer Micheal climpson put his foot in the door he said he was at my home to search for alcohol I asked if he had a search warrant to that he said I was under arrest while he grabbed my arm I stated to him I had nothing on under my dressing gown he still put the cuffs on and I was stood there dressing gown open and my body exposed a female officer them entered and went with me while I put clothes on I was took to the police station and my partner had been found in our home and he was arrested took from barrow police station to carsile and was remanded till the next day at the hearing he was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison plus had to serve the other 6 weeks he was due to come out but had another charge and got 9 months 2 days after the sentencing of 9 months the police have decided to slap another charge on him which was something that happened last year where there is allegations he had entered a supported housing and took someone’s bike he is now due in crown court on 7th August and he carnt get bail cause the police still have the interim order and the date of the final hearing to determine if it stays in place is 27th July the police having this complaint in front of them wrote me a letter saying complaint not upheld we don’t have any solicitor to represent us on 27th so I guess they will be awarded at the final hearing the next complaint is recent my daughter had been sexually assaulted and held hostage by a male member of a Asian grooming gang here in barrow the police accepted for this male to hand himself in so to help my daughter feel a bit safer I went to the police station to make sure this had happened I had my phone recording as Cumbria police are not good people and try and manipulate me and target me so for my own safety I was recording as I was about to cross to go into the station I seen the Asian male and shouted to him he was a dirty nonce and a pedo I was so angry I then retired to my car and went home where 20 min later the police turned up looking for me they found me hid in spare bedroom the male police officer had put my arm up my back even after me shouting and screaming that was my damaged arm he was ragging me about infront of my kids pushed my face against the wall where there was a nail causing bruising to my face he then took the cuffs off and put them on the front way while he made them so tight he was pushing down on them I was screaming and shouting they was so tight they caused bruising and swelling the same male police officer was being rough and pushing me about outside my home which my neighbours witnessed and I was then put in back of the van while in the back of van I noticed they was taking me to another police station on the way there I felt suicidal and managed to slash my wrist the female officer was laughing thinking I was trying to get cuffs off they didn’t have cameras on in the back of the van to watch what I was doin I arrived at kendal police station where I wad kept for about 5 hrs and interviewd they only burnt one CD of also while in custody I had to see a mental health nurse and the officers were questioned by the sargant how I’d managed to slit my wrist my phone was seized then released under investigation since then I’m waiting on the outcome of my complaint but I’m out under inversagation still and the man who sexually assaulted and held my daughter hostage is free as a bird her case was put infront of the inspector on the Friday late afternoon and by 7am tue the police arrived the inspector had stated he wouldn’t be charging my daughters attacker

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