Firstly, we are not the IOPC.  This website is a private website, created to show examples of how the IOPC would appear to be anything BUT independent.  If you are looking for the official  IOPC website, click here https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk/

So, the IOPC claims it is ‘independent’, how?

If the IOPC were truly independent, there would be no association at all with the police.  IOPC employees should be vetted for links to serving police officers whether it be colleagues, family or friends.  Any associations should be identified and flagged.  Ex-police officers should not be allowed to join the IOPC, this is simply a conflict of interest. See this classic example of an ex Police officer working for the IOPC!

Secondly, any association with other organisations that could be a conflict of interest must be checked, this would include such organisations as the ‘secret’ Freemason society.  Imagine if your IOPC caseworker was a Freemason in the same Masonic Lodge as the Chief Constable of a police force that your complaint related to.  I am sure you can draw your own conclusions on a potential conflict of interest and that raising likelihood that there would be a bias towards the police.

The problem is, the IOPC does recruit ex Police officers.  It does not vet staff to ensure there is no conflict of interest, so, how can they truly declare that they are independent!

The IOPC is the last step to seek justice for many, the ‘final’ decision of the IOPC can only be reviewed by an extremely costly judicial review,yet in one case to be publish soon, the victim was told the only right to review was via a Judicial Review, yet, police we able to have the decision changed in their favour!

It is crucial to the public that the IOPC be completely impartial and truly independent to ensure that justice is served.  The IOPC should not used to block justice by financial constraints that is only available to the wealthy.

This website will be an evolving website and encourages the public to submit their experiences with the IOPC (formerly the IPCC) and provide evidence openly and transparently of the blatant failures of the police complaints system that is far from perfect!