Submit your IOPC experiences We need your input

We need your stories to build this website. 

We are looking for Police complaints that have been not-upheld and sent to the IPOC and again not-upheld by the IOPC.

We must stress that NOT all complaints can be expected to be upheld, but if you feel your complaint was totally covered up and can show some evidence of this, please send us the initial complaint to police, their response and the IOPC responses.

Feel free to redact as you see fit.  Remember, too much redaction will make it difficult to follow.

Sent all information in confidence

Remember, redact what you do not want published.  We will not publish anything without first sending you a preview of the article to review.  You must have a valid email to receive the preview link as it cannot be published without your acceptance.  If  you want to discus prior to emailing any personal info, just email us.  We aim to check email and respond within 7 days or sooner.


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